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Persons who graduated from 1994 to 2016 and have not collected their Certificate/Diploma are asked to do so IMMEDIATELY or pay a storage fee of $5 every month. Effective date of this notice is January 31, 2017.
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Dominica State College

The Mission Statement:

The Dominica State College is Dominica’s premier post secondary institution. We use sound nationally and internationally developed educational principles, practices and well-trained, personnel to provide leadership in the delivery of high quality post-secondary education and training to all Dominicans in an environment conducive to lifelong learning. Our goal is to provide leadership by catering to the personal and national development needs of Dominica and providing a superior level of service and programmes using innovative and current strategies and technologies.

The Goals of the Dominica State College are to:

  1. Be the institution of first choice for Dominican students.
  2. Be a resource of the people and communities that it serves.
  3. Equip its students with the knowledge, skills and values for self-development.
  4. Provide opportunities for values, education, discipline and training.
  5. Foster personal development of its students.
  6. Provide students with the foundation knowledge and skills to pursue further academic training.
  7. Provide access to college education for all who are eligible.
  8. Provide students with the skills for self-development and ability to compete successfully and find gainful employment in the global society.
  9. Provide services that will enable the students to make meaningful contributions to the development of the community and become useful members of the nation, regional and global society.

Institutional Structure

Administration: The President is the chief academic and Administrative officer of the College.  The other senior college officers are: the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Registrar,  the Bursar, the and the Deans of the four Faculties.  The day-to-day administration of the college is vested in the Registrar.  The Vice President for Academic Affairs provides academic oversight for each Faculty.


Administration :

President – Donald C. Peters, PhD

Vice President - Donald C. Peters, PhD

Registrar/Dean of Academic Affairs - Schuyler K Esprit, PhD

Officer-in-Charge, Bursar’s Office – Chekira Lockhart

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences – Diana Angol

Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences – Lilia Casey

Dean, Faculty of Applied Arts and Technology – Rawle Leslie

Dean, Faculty of Education – Catherine Abraham

Dean, Student Development and International Students – Beverly Leblanc

Director, Student Services – Edgar Hunter

Director, Facilities and Operations – Brian Meade

Senior Administrative Officer (Human Resource) – Sophia Albert Charles


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